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March 20, 2018

I have been playing WoW for some time now and for the first little while I struggled getting gold. Lets put it this way I was stupid. I had made a gnome rouge in hopes of reflecting my halfling rogue from D&D, which was fine. The problem though was when ever I made gold it was gone so quick. I always was running to the auctionhouse buying upgrades, and I mean not worth it upgrades. Being level 33 and buying a sword that gives you 4 more stamina, yeah not cool.  check daily tips and trick about android and ios mobile game hack and cheats. visit here https://uggsol.com/

Anyways my rogue was always broke. There were times he couldn’t eat to regain health or even repair his amour. Now during all this I had mining and at the time did not realize the gold potential it had. When I discovered I could sell the ore or bars I did and started pulling in some gold.

When level 60 was approaching I wanted to make sure I had enough gold for my epic riding mount. So I actually went to google and searched ways that I could make gold. Some worked and some didn’t. I was able to get the gold but needed help. I had a friend in the guild help me who had a level 70 so that was good and I got my epic riding mount.

Eventually though I got tired and started having less time to play. The only gold I was making was from mining and enchanting mostly, which on my end required a lot of farming. Finally I did what I said I would never do and bought a gold guide. Warcraft Wealth has helped me to get more gold. You know what is really sad though? Some of the techniques are so easy that I should of been doing them before but wasn’t. So this guide really has given me more confidence oh how to get gold. Read below for my review on Warcraft Wealth.

WOTLK was released 4 days ago, that won’t stop me from promoting this guide though. The key thing I think of is that there are new people joining WoW everyday probably and not everyone is even 70 yet. So this guide will help the people leveling and even help the 70s who just didn’t know about these tips.

This gold guide has 4 different pieces to it. There are 2 videos all about Auctioneer. This is a must, especially if you want to dominate the AH! There also are 3 ebooks which are viewable in PDF format. One of the ebooks is just map locations for mines and the types of mines. For miners or people wanting to mine this is quite helpful. There is a ebook called WoW Basics, this is more for lower level characters. There are detailed sections about professions and where to find important materials needed
for those professions. Some info on the AH and why in demand items are so important. There also is some information on low level instances and why you should be
doing them from time to time. The last ebook Warcraft Wealth has the most pages and a lot of information to go through. Here you will learn dailies, why you should be
doing them, lots of different techniques for gathering some gold while waiting to go into battlegrounds. That is one I never thought of before! Which is sad because I do battlegrounds from time to time. This works with Alterac Valley the best though since it usually is a long wait time. Why sit there? You could go out and farm something while waiting or do some dailies. The farming/grinding section is very helpful with maps and pictures of the best place to find in demand items. There also is a section that will show you
how to get your epic flying mount within 5 days through 11 different steps.

Overall the guide did help me to make more gold, since I have been playing WoW for some time now I already knew some of the techniques shared. I think the guide is great for new players and even experienced. Especially now that WOTLK is out, gold is even more important. All I can say though is to check it out for yourself and see what you think.

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