Why Building Automation System?

September 19, 2017
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Several times observe and perform automation system work for building or factory, either AHU monitoring control, Cooling Water, Hot Water, Automatic Scheduling Ligthing, Pump room control and monitoring, or Fire Alarm computer based system (with computer programming) and some request directly from the user or through partners, I try to review here some important things about the problem of building automation / intelligent building automation / smart building automation is quite important to be discussed. Just imagine if this is not observed seriously will appear some questions from the user or related parties about the following issues:

  1. Building a building automation system (“smart building system”) is fairly expensive investment (for some who have limited assets.)
  2. Building automation / smart building system should come with the solution and efficiency of the product, price, accuracy or effectiveness of the product or system offered. But often the system or product offered does not always answer the needs and the desired demand (price, efficiency tool / product, the level of product effectiveness and price always comes along with the needs or appropriate)
  3. Building automation systems are sometimes offered with a standard system or product and sorry sometimes not adapted to the internal situation and condition of the user interested in the building automation system (BAS) and being turned upside down with the bass system offered.
  4. and others that could happen the notion that building automation is not the time to do.

Why this can happen and how is the solution?

Before answering, try to see what exactly is needed when one wants to create a building automation system that includes 9 energy sectors as illustrated in the following figure:

manufacture of temperature monitoring control and humidity plumbing and fire alarm system

making scheduling lighting and ahu

manufacture of flow control monitoring system either flow switch pump or flow switch spinkler fire hydrant

making monitoring of transformer room temperature, EDP / IT space, or LVMDP space

making of gas leakage detection system of LPG, NH3, CO2, N2, O2 in building or factory and monitoring control

manufacture of tank and pump level control monitoring systems for either water, sewage or water pumps for fire control or extinguishing.

manufacture of control systems and monitoring of generators (auto charging or auto running for emergency case, or synchronization)

manufacture of security system, CCTV and fire hydrant / fire alarm monitoring

and others

In order to reach agreement or point of contact between users (talking about device, reliability, price, system effectiveness is required approach some important matter as follows:

offering cheaper alternative products, with bass support capabilities.

making system adjusted to the level of condition and existing problems. Not necessarily all systems offered with expensive class products but albeit tailored to the device’s capabilities and internal user conditions.

BAS / smart building automation system is interesting to continue to be developed in each building in an integrated but still adjusted. The selection of the product must remain the user’s choice with some eligible technical specifications. The device specifications in general should have some usability functions with capabilities such as the following:

has a speed response to interference in conveying data to the control room

has components that can be replaced with other products.

has ease in configuration settings when replaced with other products.

has ease in reconfiguration, system maintenance, and installation.

and some other things ..

To achieve the objectives of making a bass system that needs to be developed is about the following considerations:

  1. Bas does not have to be expensive and not always a product with great capacity, but if it can be small and useful and meet the desired price level.
  2. Bas require the maturity of making the system and price, and the effectiveness of the device from technicians or engineers or consultants who understand the development of the bass system. As a result not always bass is expensive.

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