What Are Smart phones?

September 23, 2017

Smart phonesWhat are smart phones? Here we give the exlanation. The word “smart phone” is defined in the Oxford American Dictionary as “a phone that combines (Personal Digital Assistant) PDA”.

So, by definition, a smart phone is a versatile telecommunication device. Smartphone or so-called smart devices also present a trend that is endemic in Indonesia, its popular Smartphone also not without reason, but because it offered a very attractive feature and turn a hobby users to browse, chat and his sort who originally performed statis, now with a smart phone can do with mobile or moving.

As his case the user or users are increasingly savvy pick her smart devices, vendors are also competing to offer the features and the interface is attractive and easy for users, they offer the OS (operating system) and applications that pamper users, RIM offers Blackberry OS, Apple with his Iphone , Samsung, Sony, Huawei, and several other vendors adopt Android as its OS, there is also a Windows phone to use the services of the OS, as is done by Nokia.

Physical and geographical becomes increasingly distant, socially communities are increasingly not insulated. A progress very thankful for, the smartphone is the development of a mobile phone or better known as mobile phones that were created beginning about 40 years ago by Martin Cooper of Motorola. Mobile phones are in great shape once it has a weight of about 1.15 kg and a length of about 10 inches and can only be used for 20 minutes before the battery is exhausted. But in its development to become a smartphone at this point, with dimensions of more elegant and beautiful can also be multi-functional so it is not just used for telephony and SMS only, its battery power can be more durable to survive several days standby with a full charge.

Smart phones are very useful for busy people in modern society. But actually it is the smart phone for user that they interesting to find out what your device can do, and really take advantage of it. Many people just use their gadgets for $ 2 million as a simple mobile phone for communication, message service or chat only. That’s because they never clicking exploration smart phone worth it’s shaped like a mobile phone, or never have time to just read the manual from his cell phone. And it makes the investment to buy expensive gadgets become less effective.

The technology supporting manufacturers also compete very open to give the application the most convenient for users or user communities. Although our country is fairly developed countries but that the problem of changing society gadgets we do not lose to the community of developed countries, even according to a survey from Frost & Sullivan, for a feature phone, the Indonesian every 8 to 14 months locker smart phone. Its glow of smart phone users in Indonesia are caused by internet fever that swept the world, another survey says that 23% of smart phone users spend its time to open face book, social networking is becoming a plague for the world community.

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