Tips for Solving Problems with the CPU 100% Usage

October 3, 2017

Many people have experienced this situation: You are using your computer, the programs start to lock and the task manager indicates that 100% of your CPU processing power is being used. Believe me, this happens even with those who have more powerful machines, and, in certain situations, may indicate a deeper problem.

If your CPU is always at the limit, disabling the proper execution of its software, it is quite possible that he is the victim of some virus, overly heavy plugins, corrupted drivers and scheduled processes that start without you being aware, among others. The possibilities are endless and you need to investigate.

Through this tutorial, we will give some tips on how to identify potential problems on your computer that may be affecting their performance. To start this skill, first of all, open your task manager: the easiest way to do this is by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc, then click on the text “CPU” (which will indicate the current percentage. use of the component, in our case, 63%) to sort the processes according to their “weight” on the computer, in descending order.

Reduce the priority of heavy processes

A temporary solution to solve problems related to high CPU usage of your computer is to reduce the priority of the processes that are too forcing your processor. Speaking in a very short, lower the priority of a process means arranging your PC to “pay less attention” for that software and focus on others. We recommend doing this if you identify some program that cannot be closed, but you are using more processing power than it should.
Assuming you are to open task manager (and has ordered the process list in descending order of consumption), click the right button on the program in question and select the “Go To Details” option.

You will be redirected to another manager tab. Click again right in the process that is causing you problems. In the menu “Set Priority”, select the “Below normal” or “Low” option according to your need. Set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps, You should notice a reduction in the consumption of CPU immediately – however, keep in mind that this method does not work miracles.

Identify – and remove – possible virus

If your machine began to show abruptly stability problems, there is also the possibility that she has been infected with some sort of virus. Many malware cause an absurd use of the processor, is to simply annoy the user or as a “side effect” of their proper mission there (steal data etc.). What matters is, generally, in those cases, you will see a strange and unknown process in the task manager. This is the malicious script that you need to remove.
Finish it the traditional way has no effect on the virus will return quickly in a few minutes. The suggestion here is to do a complete scan using your antivirus (you use an antivirus on your machine, right?), Checking if he is able to find and delete the malware.

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