Tips for Reading Textbook Quickly

September 6, 2017

Reading Textbook QuicklyStudents know the burden of textbook before their eyes. Somehow, the textbooks are really complicated reading that they should read. It is true that textbook is really difficult to read especially considering the fact that they contain scientific information. Moreover, understanding of certain topics discussed in a textbook may not be easy because of difference in reading capability. Fortunately, there are some tips that you rely on when reading such books. It is not that difficult, and anyone basically can have chance to learn from textbook.

The first thing that you should consider is Lexile score. It is score that matches between the readers’ capability and the difficulty of the books. The score or the scale ranges from 0L up to 2000++L. The lower number the number, the easier the book to read. In order to make use of this Lexile score, you must know your capability in reading through Lexile evaluation. After that, you need choose the textbook within the Lexile score as evaluated. Reading materials will be easier with this Lexile scale. Though it is effective, it is costly. Typically good teachers provide their students with this kind of teaching method. For personal use, it is still too expensive to learn basic concept using textbook Lexile.

If you cannot afford the Lexile scaling method, you should consider another strategy. Anyone can use this method. It is fairly simple, and it is by actively engaged in reading. It is essential to read various textbook under the same topics. Take one example if you are told to read human respiratory system. You should read from other sources such as quick facts, diagram, table, infographic, and even there textbooks. This allows you to not only grasp information from different perspectives, but it trains your brain to read textbooks as well. It is definitely not a difficult thing, and you can do that without problem. However, you should make sure you are doing it regularly.

Another strategy that you should consider is using a strategy called SQ3R. This is famous method to read textbook, and you can do that just right. SQ3R consists of survey, question, reading, recite, and review. Those are important elements in reading a textbook. Survey, for instance, is a quick dip to the content of the book. Question asks some question related to materials you read based on survey you made earlier. Reading is the real action, and it is followed by reciting or recalling information that you have read. Eventually, you end up in review stage where you create summary.

Those are all the three possible methods for improving your reading speed and understanding. Depending on your current situation, not all methods can be performed. After all, there are some ways to improve your reading skill, and anyone basically can improve as long as you have proper materials.

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