March 19, 2018

Simply, how to take care of the divorce without trial is to menguasakannya, for example to a Pengacara Perceraian that you believe sista. In addition to not necessarily present to the court, with the authority to Pengacara Perceraian can also facilitate the process of divorce itself. Simplify the intended is no need to bother this and that and do not need to be confused with this and that, because of course Pengacara Perceraian more know what and how to deal with the problem of divorce agan sista.

Pengacara Perceraian

However, being authorized to a lawyer does not mean that the cyst can be just handed off. It still takes good communication between agan cysts as the power of attorney with the lawyer as the recipient of power, because we will never know what will happen later in the trial. Poor communication between the giver and the recipient of power will certainly adversely affect the smoothness of the case being handled by the lawyer.

how to take care of divorce without trial

Well, here are the stages how to take care of divorce without trial by being authorized to divorce lawyer:

  • Prepare the necessary conditions such as the original marriage book and the original (mandatory) ktp as well as the child’s birth certificate and family card (if any).
  • If you have a trusted lawyer, please contact the lawyer to make an appointment. Can also come directly to the lawyer’s office, but you should make an appointment just so that there is certainty.
  • you do not have a trusted lawyer, can look for references by asking to friends, family or search for references via the internet. It could also be looking directly at the Court because there is usually always a lawyer who hearing in each Court.
  • At the time of meeting a lawyer please submit all the necessary requirements file. If the attorney asks for additional files please just follow and sign the power of attorney.
  • If you do not have the contact number of his lawyer, just ask or can ask for a lawyer’s name card so that in the future agan cysts there is a need to the lawyer, agan sista will not be difficult to contact the lawyer.
  • After that agan cysts just wait until the lawyers finished taking care of divorce case agan sista.
    That’s the easy way to take care of a divorce letter without trial that I can assume. The point is that if you do not want to go back and forth to the court to follow the divorce trial, you should leave it to the Divorce Lawyer who believe sista believe. In addition to more simple, agan cysts can also be more quiet because of course Percerian Lawyers know how to handle the case of divorce agan sista.

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