Symptoms of Measles Hay Fever Rash

September 8, 2017

Clinical symptoms of measles hay fever rash occur after 10-12 days of budding, consisting of three stages, the prodromal stage, lasting 2-4 days, is characterized by fever followed by cough, runny nose, red faring, swallowing pain, stomatitis, and conjunctivitis.

The pathognomonic sign of the enema of the cheek mucosa in front of the third molars is called Koplik spots.Stadium eruption, marked by the emergence of a maculo-papular rash that lasted for 5-6 days. Rash starts from the hairline behind the ear, then spreads to the face, neck, and finally to the extremities.

The healing stage (convalesens), after 3 days the rash gradually disappears in the order of incidence. Skin rash becomes blackish and peeling which will disappear after 1-2 weeks. It is important to determine the nutritional status of the patient, to be aware of the incidence of complications.

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Malnutrition is a risk of severe complications. Symptoms begin to occur within 7-14 days after infection, i.e.: – Body heat – sore throat – runny nose (coryza) – cough (cough) – Koplik spots – muscle pain – red eyes (conjuctivitis). There is a continuous high fever of 38.50 C or more accompanied by cough, runny nose, swallowing pain, red eyes and glare when exposed to light (photophobia), often followed by diarrhea. On 4-5 days of fever, skin rash develops, preceded by higher than normal temperature.

At this time the child may experience febrile seizures. When the rash develops, cough and diarrhea get worse so the child experiences shortness of breath or dehydration.

2-4 days later the small white spots appear in the inner mouth (koplik spots). Rash (redness in the skin) that feels a bit itchy to appear 3-5 days after the onset of symptoms above. This rash may be a macula (a flat reddish rash) or a papule (a prominent reddish rash).

At first rashes appear on the face, i.e. in front and under the ears and on the side of the neck. Within 1-2 days, the hay fever rash spreads to the torso, arms and legs, while the rash on the face begins to fade. At the peak of the illness, the patient feels very sick, his rash is widespread and his body temperature reaches 40 ° Celsius. About 3-5 days later his body temperature drops, the patient begins to feel good and the remaining rashes soon disappear.

Fever, exhaustion, runny nose, cough and eyes inflamed and red for several days followed by a red acne rash that starts on the face and spread to the body and there for 4 days to 7 days.

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