How To Style Short Hair

September 18, 2017

How To Style Short Hair – Hey again moms today I wish to show you how I style my new a line haircut where it is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front I was really excited when I got this haircut done because I was in a entire mom bun rut so come along when I do this specific hairstyle I like to begin with somewhat damp hair I usually put my makeup on first and then I get my hair done if for any reason it’s gotten a little bit too dry maybe I took a little extra long my makeup that morning I just use a spray bottle with water and I’ll spray it and get it a little bit more wet to get out any additional tangles I use a wide tooth comb you wish to begin with a broader tooth comb because that’s actually going to decrease the breakage that you do to your hair when you’re brushing so that’ll get kind of the vast majority of the tangles out and then in case you would like to use a normal brush after go ahead and do that but always begin with a broad tooth comb this is the beach babe texturizing hair cream this is actually going to give you a little bit of a matte look to your hair so that it’s going to take away the shine kind of take away a tiny bit of the oil it doesn’t look bad though so I just get a little bit maybe like about that much on my hand rub it through it’s kind of like glue really it’s like putting glue in your hands but I just kind of take it off in sections and you might actually style your hair with it like with this stuff before drying it and it will just kind of give you that Beach wavy appearance but I like to use it as it really helps to also add volume to your hair I’m actually going to use just a little bit more so I can feel that it’s spread out pretty quickly some news about exactly the exact same size again so I’m just going to keep on making sure I’m spreading that out and you’ll notice that it’s going to get sticky like I said this stuff is kind of like glue when I dry my hair because this look will be a super straight look I don’t go for the rounded brush I go for a flat straight brush like this because I will use this with my blow-dryer it also has this on the end as it’s going to concentrate the air to the particular chunk of hair that I want it to dry so gives just slightly more control and I’ll show you how I add some volume too okay now that I finished drying my hair up hopefully you guys can see that it’s added quite a lot of volume my hair is actually pretty thin and incredibly kind of fine not your mother’s Beach babe really helped with giving me that initial oomph and also with the blow drying with doing that technique which I showed you guys and just kind of going in little sections and pulling it out away from the roots is really how I get that volume and then I kind of very gently started to brush through when you’re brushing it’s important to not forget start at the bottom work your way up because you don’t need to grab your tangles from the top and pull all of the way down because that’s just really gonna hurt you’re not gonna wish to do that now that I’ve brushed out the tangles from my hair I will add something extra for even more volume that’s going to be again that not your mother’s clean-freak and this is a dry shampoo so if you’re unfamiliar with dry shampoo or what it is just so that you know I did wash my hair today in the shower however if you did not you may also use dry shampoo to have it really nice and clean out the reason I’m using dry shampoo on top of already having washed my hair is because it adds a good deal of volume and especially because I tend to have slightly greasy throughout the day I live in a hot climate so if I’m sweating this stuff absorbs all the excess yuck so make sure to shake it up really well and I go to the roots and spray and on my hair you can’t see it too bad because my hair’s so light but it does spray out kind of a white mist so when you’re done with this you need to be certain that you’re really blending it well I’m just going to continue all the way to the other side and sometimes I’ll add a little extra and back as well okay now that I look totally 80s along with using the not your mother’s clean-freak dry shampoo another dry shampoo that I like is the Nexus dry shampoo refreshing mist with pearl extract I truly don’t have any clue what the pearl extract is for other than maybe the fact that it’s really really soft on your hair and it’s going to be a little bit more it’s a lot lighter than this one or so I’ll kind of separate my hair into smaller chunks and I’ll just go ahead and use my straightener throughout and now’s the time I’m actually going to begin setting my hair with a comb through mist also from Nexxus this one is a medium hold and I’d love to use it since it’s really really light and if I make a mistake I can brush through it if you would like to you could tease that part of your head I don’t like to do too much of that I’ll maybe use this large toothed comb and find the hair up a little bit and then again kind of brushing over the top of it to smooth it out but the reason why you really need to stay away from over teasing the back of your hair is you’re gonna begin getting bald spots as it’s going to damage the hair so near your scalp that it’s going to begin breaking there and you might even begin noticing you know kind of like I said bald spots on your head and you don’t really need that so if you’re going to tease it you will need to save it for special occasions when you really need that volume to stay for quite a long time If all else fails just use a little extra dry hairspray in there so you don’t want to overwork it get it where you like it add a finishing touch with some hairspray there’s anything you will need to kind of smooth out very gently take your brush and smooth it I love this haircut being a stay-at-home mom it’s nice and short and it’s really straightforward and easy to do which was really really convenient when we’re running from the home on the way to school in the morning if you guys like this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up comment and subscribe to my channel.

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