How to Save Fuel Efficient

September 14, 2017

How to Save Fuel Efficient – With the rise in fuel prices, Brazilians are increasingly looking for alternatives to reduce the consumption of cars. Here are some steps that can help you achieve this.

Calibrated tires: Tires with incorrect calibration directly influence the consumption of the car. Tire calibration should be performed every week according to the car manual, incorrect calibration can influence the consumption of the car by 10%.

Candles: Candles are responsible for generating energy in the combustion chamber to start burning the air/fuel mixture. If they are bad, the fuel burn does not happen properly, which directly reflects the increased consumption of the car.

Air Filters: Filters must be changed according to the vehicle’s manual, dirty or clogged filters hinder the air intake inside the combustion chamber, which will result in an irregular fuel burn, thus increasing fuel consumption.

Additive gasoline: The additive gas has in its composition detergents and dispersants that fight the accumulation of dirt in the internal parts of the engine. The detergent causes the dirt to come off and the dispersant causes it to be broken to be eliminated by the combustion system. Symptoms of dirt inside the engine are difficulty starting cold, slow idle swings and loss of performance, which can result in increased consumption.

Customizations: Before changing the vehicle’s characteristics consult a specialist, objects that change the original characteristics tend to cause greater resistance to air. Non-standard aerodynamics, wheels and supports influence aerodynamics and consequently fuel consumption.

Open windows: Avoid walking with the windows open when you are on the road at speeds above 80 km / h. Trafficking with open windows allows the entrance of the air thus increased aerodynamic drag.

Air conditioning: On days of mild temperatures turn off the air conditioning, it responsible for increasing on average, 20% the consumption of the vehicle.

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