Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition (Tab) by Simon Monk Dr

September 23, 2017

Programming Arduino By Simon Monk DrIf you want to learn about arduino, you must read one this book. Title Books is Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition (Tab). writen by Simon Monk Dr. This book starts with the very basics of Arduino a primer if you please. It will help you write a few programs and has examples as well as information on how to connect all electronics circuit. I have experience programming in Pascal, FORTRAN, several versions of BASIC, Assembly, and some Basic like test languages for processor circuits and was somewhat disappointed with this book. But it did give me information about C++ and information about requirements for connecting circuits to the Arduino so it was helpful however if you have programming in C or Pascal find a little more advanced book. If you are a beginner in programming and only have only BASIC under your belt or nothing this is a good start. It’s following primer Programming Arduino Next Steps is also a good book for beginners.

While I had the arduino board, I did not have the ethernet or LCD shield boards, so I could not do chapters 9 and 10. At the time of this review I have not done chapter 11, but I assume it will be fine. Someone said Chapter 9 helped them with their ethernet shield board. The rest of the book appears to be good for beginners to arduino, espcially from a software point of view. I wish there was a little more detail in Chapter 8 on data storage, because it’s a more difficult topic. Beware that the sketch 6-07 has to be re-written to work with Bounce2.h or you have to find a copy of bounce.h. At the time of this review it was not in the ERRATA, but might be in the future. All the rest of the programs could be copied and pasted from the author’s website and they worked for me. All in all, I recommend this book.

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