What you Need to Know Before Buying a Dog

September 14, 2017

And who does not find a puppy dog the most beautiful thing in the world? What about race? Ah, the breed dogs are so cute! But let me tell you the way to your house.

You usually find them clean, smelling and with a bow or gravy, wagging their whole happy face. But before that one person bought two dogs: a male and a female with the intention of commercializing the puppies. And as they only reproduce 2 to 3 times a year, they are likely to buy from different breeds to serve different audiences. Therefore, it is important that you visit the place where the puppies are raised, know the space and know who are the parents of the puppy that you want to adopt. For this reason, we also do not indicate the purchase of animals in Pet Shops. As much as you believe it to be a serious and responsible place, you will never know for sure what goes on behind the scenes. Often pet owners do not even know.

I would like to add that there are people who let their pet puppies breed and sell their puppies, but there are also the so-called puppies factories. And it’s about these people that we’re going to talk about and explain why you should avoid it.

Life in captivity

These puppies are objectified and as such, the breeder does not care about their well being, only with the profit they will get from them.

Well, when the dogs enter the heat, they are tied in a place that looks more like a corral and they are obliged to cross with several dogs (of the same race, of course) exhaustively to guarantee the fertilization, that is, the dog is submitted to rapes, with no chance of defense! Space does not allow them to leave or even lie down and at the end of the day, they are sore and very hurt.

It is common for breeders to rent a house or any space for the dogs to stay and because there is no bond of affection, normally the animals are left alone for days. They stay in individual pens, with only a hard floor, without a covering or walks to warm them. There is room to lie down but when the bowl of water turns, they go without. When the food is over, they run out. They spend days lying in their own feces.

Some develop anxiety disorders and they spin around in circles, others scratch themselves to make wounds, there are those who howl, those who get aggressive, those who get hurt, they live an inferno. Of course, I do not need to talk about the fleas, ticks, and coughs of kennels that are exposed. I remember a captivity that the police burst with about 90 dogs

After all, does buying save the life of a race dog?

Many puppies are already born sick, but there are healthy ones. Let’s talk about the healthy ones.

Usually, the person who sells does not show the breeding place or just shows photos of a possible place or parents. These photos can be easily edited. And how much do you pay for a dog? 2, 3, 5 thousand reais?

You may be thinking, “Wow, what a cruel life! So buying them will save you from a life like the one your parents had! ”

No! The purchase encourages this type of people to continue objectifying the animals and to continue with this cycle of evil. If everyone stops buying, all breed puppies will no longer be valued as objects and may be adopted. All must be free and have emotional value and not commercial value. Animals have feelings and should not be valued but valued.

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