How Do Mens Bathroom Decor?

September 11, 2017

Women are synonymous with spending more time in the bathroom than men. This led to the design of a common bathroom in the market tend to feminist nuances. So what about mens banthroom decor? Of course, a more masculine look will be clearly visible. Although masculine, does not mean the bathroom to be not stylish. For example, for the paint color of the walls, try to consider the colors of pallets like green pandan, light blue, or beige can be selected as the base color. Then add other colors like brown or gray as accents.

To add masculine shades in men’s bathrooms, apply appropriate flooring, among them tiles with a gray or brownish color, adjusting the chosen base color. Ceramic tiles or natural rocks can be an option, because the two materials are quite easy to obtain and easy to clean. For tiles from natural rocks for example, this tile is suitable to choose because it has a special texture, with a natural gray color, so the dirt will not be clearly visible. Apply power shower on the faucet to increase the water pressure coming out of the shower. Shower with different water pressure, from soft to hard, able to give a sensation for men. Bathing with certain water pressure coming out of the shower is also believed to relieve stress for a person. If there is still space left, you can install a whirlpool tub with jet for relaxation.

Place the sink with a large tub. The size and reach of the average man’s hand is greater than the reach of a woman’s hand. For that, needed a sink hand (basin) which size is also larger. Because, here men not only do activities such as hand washing, but also wash face, brush teeth, and gargle in the morning. The size of a large tub will facilitate them in doing these activities.

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