How Video Games Can Affect the Brain

May 22, 2018

Video games are extremely popular among children of all of the ages. And, due to our technician speed world, it is continuing to develop much more. Children and even the adults find video games as their mode of amusement. They play these games any time they are becoming bored or wish to take a brief break from their studies and work.

These games attempt to modify the mind and disposition of people and they feel much relaxed than previously. Due to the ever-growing demand, scientists have investigated to find out the results of video games in individual minds.

How Video Games Can Affect the Brain

How Video Games Can Affect the Brain

Video games and modifications in mind

It has been found out that gaming may cause fluctuations in several regions of the mind. Studies reveal some structural changes in the brain due to video games and also many changes in mind performance and behaviour.

1. Boost attention

We need focus and attention when playing a game differently, we’ll lose it. Therefore, video games also have resulted in improving several types of focus in human beings, for example selective attention and ongoing attention. Moreover, attention seeking areas of the brain are more effective in gamers when compared with non-gamers, and they need less stimulation to remain focused on several tasks.

2. Size of the brain

Playing video games also has proven to increase the size and competence of these parts of the brain which are responsible for visuospatial skills (ability to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects). With long lasting players who have followed a game training program, their right hippocampus has been enlarged.

3. Gaming addicts

When talking about gambling addicts, there are a few structural and functional alterations in the neural reward system (a set of structures linked with feeling pleasure, motivation, and understanding). As soon as we expose those video game addicts into some game-related signals or signs, it causes cravings and also monitors their mind’s responses.

4. Support boost your memory

Brain coaching matches even help in fostering the configurations of memories of a person. What’s more, it also aids in improving the two other significant cognitive areas, working memory and continued attention. These skills are maintained for 6 weeks after the conclusion of training.

5. Declining in brain-related diseases

As soon as we talk about the diseases, each and every person wants a disease-free life. What if, it can be carried out with the assistance of a video game?

Yes, strategy-based games, have shown to promote an improvement in brain function among elderly adults and might offer some protection from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also, a tiny brain coaching can help reverse some of the age-related brain reduction.

Overall, these games prove out to be beneficial because it’s a stress buster, enhances brain function, cures diseases, apart from being a source of entertainment. However, there is almost always a second aspect of a coin. Here, spending too much time playing with the movie game can be detrimental to children as well as adults. Talking about the children, it may hamper their studies while weakening their eyesight as these matches have been played over a screen. And, adults may hamper their work when enjoying with the games at offices.

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