Guide Tips: How to Style a Beard?

October 22, 2017

Many were saying that 2017 become the end of the ongoing beard, continuing many men do not have any intention to rid of their face fuzz in the closest time. If you have the interest to get a bit facial beard, you might wonder about how to style a beard and what the best beard style suit you most, especially when you are a beginner. You do not have to worry because you can check this guide tips to know about how to style a beard based on your facial’s shape.

The very first thing, you can start from simple things and by merely letting your beard growing uncontrollably. In this article, you will find the best beard style which is suited to your facial shape and get the best look, of course. There are many variations out there. However, this is the basic guide that your beard and your jaw should work together to get friendly and graduation events. So, this is also the base guide to know how to style a beard.

How to Style a Beard

How to style a beard based on your facial shape?

1. Oblong or Rectangular Shape

You can leave a bit more length in both of sides and behave less below your chin, or you can go with round stubble as well. It provides you with fuller face illusion, prevents your face look longer.

2. Round Shape

Similar to the square shape, you can grow your beard longer on the bottom side to the elongate the face. Your fuller beard will show your width of the face. At least, you can trim both of hands and pay more attention in your length of beard. However, you should consider the goatee as well.

3. Triangle Shape

If your jaw was thicker than the brows, this is better than you should not be so mad with facial hair because it only emphasizes the difference was getting further. You can go with clean and neat style with minimal growth facial hair. Well, if you want to know about how to style a beard, as mentioned above if you are going to trim your certain part to emphasize different feature then it should depend on your facial shape. No matter the length that you shave, you can use this information as your reference.

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