The Great Concepts to Design a Medieval Garden

October 5, 2017

How to design a simple 17th century garden that can be practiced in modern homes. The middle ages are always interesting to talk about. Especially if this is associated with his artwork. Medieval success brought its own characteristics in the flow of art works that are still in great demand until now, especially the art of architecture. As in the last edition discussing medieval furniture, this time, it will discuss matters relating to the medieval as well. However, we are no longer talking about the style of architecture, furniture, or interior design medieval style, but about the design of the park is widely applied to the European empires in the 17th century. Lots of medieval paintings that still survive until now. From there we have many references to all aspects of life in the middle-ages, including the design of the parks that exist in the great empires of Europe. The medieval garden by presents the magnificent artistic beauty that attracts modern garden craftsmen to apply the beautiful design in the present era.

Are you interested in having a medieval garden? Here are the simple steps to realize the beautiful medieval garden design in your home. Before you intend to design a garden around your house with a medieval touch, it helps you prepare things related to the making of the park itself. Some things you should prepare include a slender tree trunk or twigs, herbs and seeds, and vegetable plants and seeds. The plants and seeds you can get easily in shops or markets nearby.

When you think of designing a medieval garden, you should consider that the park must be multifunctional, i.e. it can be used as an area to relax as well as productive area. To realize that, it requires separation of areas for vegetable crops, fruit plants, herbal medicinal plants, and areas to sit and relax. To bring up the atmosphere of a medieval-like garden, you certainly have to design everything in the park as closely as possible to the original conditions of the 17th century. One way to plant plants that exist in the era such as lavender, rosemary, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and others. The plants can be found in Indonesia so it will not be difficult for you when you want to buy plants as well as seeds.

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