How to get your hands on ballet dancing

September 29, 2017

The Ballet is a dance that requires physical dexterity and more technical, this technique should be carried out and be taken into account in Ballet. The position of the hands has a way of being performed to dance. As we know, the line of arms and hands have a fundamental importance in the moment of dancing and so must know how to put them correctly at all times.

Steps to follow:

  1. First, place all the fingers of your hands straight and apart.
  2. Then join the little finger, the ring, and the middle finger. It sounds simple, but you should get used to doing it relaxed since it is not a natural position.
  3. You should also attach your index finger to your middle finger, but you should lift it a little higher than the other three.
  4. Your thumb rests on the palms of your hands, but make sure you do not touch it.
  5. Then slightly bend the knuckles so your fingers will not stiffen.
  6. At this moment we already have the correct hand position, keep in mind that this position is fundamental because it controls the body line.
  7. After learning to get your hands in the right position, you can already learn some ballet steps.


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