Fun Science Books That You Should Read

September 5, 2017

Fun Science Books That You Should ReadKnowing the science is important as it is part of our understanding about how this world works. If you are wondering about the best books for that purpose, you should consider some of the best books available. They come in both hard copy and digital copy; anything that satisfies your need. Today, we have some good science books. However, do not expect these books as the boring books that you read as middle or high school materials. The reason is because these books are meant to deliver in casual, fun, entertaining. However, it does not leave out the element of factual information.

The first book that you should consider is ASAP Science. This book is created by the famous YouTuber. They are Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit. They are really funny guy with great wisdom to share. Despite of their great knowledge, they are willing to share some of them through nice video with very understandable explanation. In their expansion, the books are also available covering the whole series of YouTube videos they make combined with some special fun science fact that you may not know before. Just like the video version of their lecturing, the printed version also should accommodate people who are curious about how this world works. With simplified language, you should not be having hard time understanding science.

Another book worth to read is known as Bad Science. This book tells surprising information about how science can be used for taking advantage of your life. Take one example of life hacks which are actually possible because of science behind them. This book also tells about how science is preserved for certain groups of people with power. The book will debunk some possibilities that will happen in a research and trigger your critical response towards any issues carrying the name of science. Sometimes science is used for showing biased information, and it is where you need to identify which one is the correct one. This book is really helpful to understand that issue.

Another interesting book that you should read is Science and Sex. For obvious reason, this book is not designed for children since it basically revolves around sex in the most part. There are some information covered in this book. One of the most famous one is whether dead man can have erection. Another information that you can get form this book is whether why women do not get benefit from Viagra. There are still many other intriguing questions related to sex which fortunately can be answered through science perspective.

If you are wondering about how to get those high-quality science books, you can head on amazon. They are still available for both its hard copy and the digital version. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you want to read those books in this late period.

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