Everything You Need to Know to Buy Paint over the Internet

September 16, 2017

Choosing the ideal ink is no simple task and it raises many doubts, especially when the purchase is made online.

It is necessary to take into account the color, the type of surface, the price, the footage to be covered, and other important details to guarantee the quality and the finish.

Buying ink over the internet can be a solution, especially when accompanied by a professional in the industry.

Want to know how to buy ink online? The Show House will show for you!

Take precautions

look for the largest stores in the industry because they bring more options for each type of project. Give preference to stores you already know or get in touch with a professional;
pay attention to finishes. If it is to retouch an already worn wall, a paint with a glossy finish will highlight the defects. Very careful with the surroundings too. The resistance of the inks varies according to their contact with temperature and pressure factors, such as humidity and heat;
read the ink specifications carefully. On the internet we have the habit of reading with great speed the great amount of information that we receive. You will not be able to use some of the ink and realize that it does not meet your needs and make the return later.

Calculate the amount of material needed

The Suvinil brand website provides a calculator that evaluates the optimal amount of gallons needed for your project.

When you choose the surface to be painted, the options for ink types and their yield are opened. Then just inform the desired finish and the painting area. If you do not know this number, please inform the measures, that the service calculates the area for you.

Make sure you are choosing the right color

The best online sales sites have a vast array of color tones . If you’ve saved the last application’s can, check the name and color code, and try to find it in the options.

If you want to bet on new decoration, it is advisable to help a professional to ensure the right choice.

Compare prices

Sites such as Já Cotei offer a good search in the market, with several options of types, finishes, brands and sizes, besides the special ones, like the washable and the odorless.

It is worth keeping an eye on the brands offered, because not always the cheapest guarantees the quality of the painting. Higher quality inks require less coats and wear out much longer.

Check the invoice

At the time of receipt of the ink, check the information of your order with the invoice of delivery. Subsequent complaints are much more complicated to do and take much longer to resolve.

Learn the advantages of buying paint over the internet

Although professional salespeople are trained to provide all kinds of support, the internet offers you more peace of mind to make your choice, with more time to research, and the ability to count on specialties within reach of a click.

The convenience of receiving the material at home also prevents accidents on the way, since the store has the most appropriate way to transport fragile and flammable products.

Do you want to get it right by buying paint over the internet without leaving the comfort of your home? Let the Show House help you make your home more beautiful.

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