Curved Ultrawide Monitor for Better Gaming Experience

November 2, 2017

curved ultrawide monitor acerThere are many different models of ultrawide monitors available in the market. Most of them are manufactured by big brands such as LG, ASUS, Dell, and others. The ones with flat panel are quite popular because companies are buying them to boost their employee’s productivity and to lower electricity bills because they don’t have to use multiple monitors to ease multitasking. But for hardcore gamers, these flat ultra-wide monitors are just not good enough. Most of them prefer a curved ultrawide monitor because it offers a much better gaming experience. In fact, most curved ultra-wide monitors are marketed as gaming monitors because the curved display isn’t really suitable for work.

The benefits of using a curved ultra-wide monitor are often being questioned. Many believe that it’s just a gimmick being used by companies like ASUS, Samsung, LG and others to market their curved monitors. Plus, there’s fact that a similar type of product, the curved television, did not get a very good response in the market and received more criticism than praises. But it seems that in gaming, a curved design does give a positive impact. With a curved design, the graphics become much more realistic. Plus, most curved ultra wide monitors are equipped with features that boost gaming experience. LG’s 34″ 21:9 UltraWide® Full HD IPS Curved Gaming Monitor, for example, is equipped with Crosshair functionality that enhances accuracy in first-person shooter games. This monitor also has another feature called 1ms Motion Blur Reduction that reduces motion blur.

Ultra-wide monitors are more expensive than regular monitors. And curved ultra-wide monitors are even more expensive than both. But it seems that the expensive price tag is not a problem for people who really love gaming. There’s nothing surprising about that because we all know that most gaming gears are quite expensive, and gamers still buy them. However, many gamers do admit that curved display does have some disadvantages. When they’re not gaming, everything they see on their screen is curved.

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