Animals / March 19, 2018

As kang asep always say that marriage book is one of the main requirements that must be met when the divorce to the Court. However, sometimes there are cases where the marriage book is lost, damaged or even arrested by the husband or wife who does not want to divorce. This is not new, kang asep has often touched on this issue in previous articles. Can we then file a divorce without a marriage book? The answer can be, provided that there is an official document replacing the missing / damaged marriage book issued by the competent authority in this case is the Office of Religious Affairs for the Muslim and the Civil Registry Office for non-Muslims. filed for divorce without a marriage book divorce lawsuit without marriage book In essence, if the marriage book or the quote of the marriage certificate is lost, please for the religion of Islam come to the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) kecamatan in accordance with the first place of marriage and for non-Muslims please come to the Civil Registry Office which previously issued the marriage certificate / . Read Also: How to Take care of the Missing Original Marriage Book Before coming to…

Animals / March 19, 2018

Simply, how to take care of the divorce without trial is to menguasakannya, for example to a Pengacara Perceraian that you believe sista. In addition to not necessarily present to the court, with the authority to Pengacara Perceraian can also facilitate the process of divorce itself. Simplify the intended is no need to bother this and that and do not need to be confused with this and that, because of course Pengacara Perceraian more know what and how to deal with the problem of divorce agan sista. However, being authorized to a lawyer does not mean that the cyst can be just handed off. It still takes good communication between agan cysts as the power of attorney with the lawyer as the recipient of power, because we will never know what will happen later in the trial. Poor communication between the giver and the recipient of power will certainly adversely affect the smoothness of the case being handled by the lawyer. how to take care of divorce without trial Well, here are the stages how to take care of divorce without trial by being authorized to divorce lawyer: Prepare the necessary conditions such as the original marriage book and the…

Door Access Control
Animals / February 22, 2018

Door Access Control is a system that has an important component in performing its function as a door access controller. In the manufacture of door access control systems in need of some components that work on an ongoing basis. The main components in the door control access system in the implementation vary according to the door. But principally access control door components we sort as follows: Credential The credentials in access control technology are physical objects or real individuals that are granted the right to access certain physical facilities or an information technology system. The credentials on the door control access system can be something that is used as a key unlock such as door lock, key fob, or other keys such as a number or PIN, or a technology card including a stripe magnetic code, bar, barcode, Wiegand, RF ID, smart card, and contact less smart cards, or more compact FOBS keys from ID cards and attach them to keychains. And it can also be attached to ourselves or biometric technologies such as fingerprints, face recognition, iris recognition, retina scan, sound, and hand geometry. This credential is crucial in a door access control system. If this credential laden is…

Care for Betta Fish
Animals / January 22, 2018

Beta fish, also known as Betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish is considered to be the most beautiful freshwater fish. It is one of the most common ornamental fish species, because it requires less care, is incredibly resistant and cheap. Care – What is Healthier Food? Betta fish (male and female) love to feed on live food such as shrimp larva, mosquito larva, Daphnia (water flea), etc. It’s that kind of food they find in nature. Even if you use quality ration like Tetra and Sera it is important to give live foods at least once a week. You can buy salt marshes at some aquarist shops or even use mosquito larvae. How many times a day do you feed? – We recommend feeding your adult bettas once a day and puppies twice. You can also feed your adults twice a day, but cut the amount of food in half. Betas are strong fish that manage to spend days without eating and you do not want obese bettas, either? How much food? – The idea is to give the amount of ration that is consumed totally in a maximum of 2 minutes. Overeating creates bacteria in the water, leaving your…

Benefits of Avocado
Animals / December 11, 2017

Experts do research whether adding fresh avocados to lunch has an effect on insulin response, blood sugar levels, and feeling full longer. Their initial findings have determined that there is indeed a basis for further research on the benefits of eating avocados to replace some portions of food. While awaiting the results of recent studies on eating avocado, you should also know the health benefits of avocados that have been found: Here are 10 benefits of eating avocado for our health: 1. Benefits for pregnancy. Avocado is a natural source of folate, which is essential for healthy fetal development. A synthetic version of folic acid is recommended for all women planning to become pregnant, and eating avocado is a simpler, tastier and natural choice. 2. Avocados contain good fats. You may have heard that you should avoid avocado because of its high fat content. It is true, avocados contain high fat. But high fats on avocados are monounsaturated fats or ‘good fats’, which will help maintain heart health, and help to lower blood pressure. Monounsaturated fats found in avocado can also help to reverse insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes. 3. High vitamin E sources. Avocado is…

Best Electric Shaver for Girls
Animals / October 22, 2017

Unlike the skin of men, The skin of women is delicate. In reality, since it is stronger to capture more unwanted hair, many women prefer to select men’s razor. However, the razors of men are designed for guys. 1. Cordless Electric Razor for Women. This Panasonic’s girls electric shaver is outfitted with floating heads to glide along contours of their epidermis. You can shave your bikini-line, underarms, and legs. This shaver may be utilized in both manners, dry and moist. You can use it with soap lather, gel or foam in bath or shower. For use, you may use it anyplace and anytime you feel like shaving. For the additional, This shaver is featured lady shaver blades, with super-sharp to reduce. It is in a position to trims bikini region and removes hairs that are longer using its trimmer. The plan is waterproof and may be rinsed under running water. We have Got a piece of Advice for you to acquire an excellent shaving encounters. Try these steps. Friction is a risk factor that might result in your nicks and also those events where the shaver captured a bit of skin. You want to be sure that your shaver is…

Simple and Easy First Time Dog Owner Guides
Animals / September 22, 2017

For a beginner, it is reasonable if you may find it confusing; how to take care of the dogs well. Just like other pets, they need to treat well. As an owner, it is like a duty for you to pay attention to all they need starting from what they eat, how to clean them, and even how to let them poop on the right place. Well, here are some tips for first time dog owner guide to acknowledge. Prepare the Tools and Equipments Needed You must prepare all things that a dog is needed. They are including the house, plates to drink and eat, toys, bathing equipments, leashes, and even strap to let it walk around. The house’s size should quite large, around 1.5-2 times of its body. Of course, the foods must also be prepared. You probably at the first time don’t know what kinds of food that the dog may like. It is then more recommended to buy them a dry food at first for the adult dog and wet food for puppy. But it can be changed based on their taste later. As seen on The foods must be given twice a day regularly in…

Conventional Fire System
Animals / September 19, 2017

Conventional Fire System: that is, the use of two content cables for the relationship between the detector to the detector and to the Panel. Used cables are generally 2×1.5mm NYMHY or 2×1.5mm NYMHY cables drawn in conduit pipes such as EGA or Clipsal. In critical installations are often used fire resistant cable (FRC) with a size of 2×1.5mm, especially for cables leading to the Panel and 220V power source. Wire Type the terminal name of the detector is L (+) and Lc (-). This cable is connected to the Fire Alarm Panel at the terminal labeled L and C as well. The interrelationship between detectors with each other is done in parallel with the condition that it should not be branched which means there must be a starting point and a END point. The end point of the cable pull is called the End-of-Line (EOL) term. At this point the last fire detector is installed and here also one loop is terminated (stop). In the last detector is installed one EOL Resistor or EOL Capacitor. So the truth is EOL This resistor is installed at the end of the loop, not inside the Control Panel and the sum is only…

8 Home Remedies To Straighten Your Hair At Home | Natural Hair Straightener
Animals / September 18, 2017

8 Home Remedies to Straighten Your Hair At Home | Natural Hair Straightener – this hair straightening remedy works magically to get permanent straight hair it’s 100% effective and natural so no side-effects generally we use hair straightener for this but it has lot of side effects including hair fall split ends dry frizzy hair etc so today I will share one natural remedy to get straight hair that will also make them extra soft and silky number one coconut oil and lime this easy peasy DIY hair treatment requires fresh coconut puree in the juice from two limes blend the ingredients into a creamy consistency and refrigerate the mixture for a few hours massage the cream into your hair and scalp let it sit for about half an hour use a wide tooth comb to spread the cream evenly all over your hair rinse it and follow it up with a mild shampoo number two castor oil and soya bean oil castor oil helps prevent freezing out while soya bean oil makes your hair straighter all you need is about two tablespoons of castor oil and 1 tbsp soya bean oil heat the mixture until it’swarm and then let…

What you Need to Know Before Buying a Dog
Animals / September 14, 2017

And who does not find a puppy dog the most beautiful thing in the world? What about race? Ah, the breed dogs are so cute! But let me tell you the way to your house. You usually find them clean, smelling and with a bow or gravy, wagging their whole happy face. But before that one person bought two dogs: a male and a female with the intention of commercializing the puppies. And as they only reproduce 2 to 3 times a year, they are likely to buy from different breeds to serve different audiences. Therefore, it is important that you visit the place where the puppies are raised, know the space and know who are the parents of the puppy that you want to adopt. For this reason, we also do not indicate the purchase of animals in Pet Shops. As much as you believe it to be a serious and responsible place, you will never know for sure what goes on behind the scenes. Often pet owners do not even know. I would like to add that there are people who let their pet puppies breed and sell their puppies, but there are also the so-called puppies factories….