Care for Betta Fish

January 22, 2018

Beta fish, also known as Betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish is considered to be the most beautiful freshwater fish. It is one of the most common ornamental fish species, because it requires less care, is incredibly resistant and cheap.

Care – What is Healthier Food?

Betta fish (male and female) love to feed on live food such as shrimp larva, mosquito larva, Daphnia (water flea), etc. It’s that kind of food they find in nature.

Even if you use quality ration like Tetra and Sera it is important to give live foods at least once a week. You can buy salt marshes at some aquarist shops or even use mosquito larvae.

How many times a day do you feed? – We recommend feeding your adult bettas once a day and puppies twice. You can also feed your adults twice a day, but cut the amount of food in half. Betas are strong fish that manage to spend days without eating and you do not want obese bettas, either?

How much food? – The idea is to give the amount of ration that is consumed totally in a maximum of 2 minutes. Overeating creates bacteria in the water, leaving your fish sick. So do not let leftovers stay in the bottom of the aquarium to avoid polluting the water.


Ideal aquarium to create your Beta?

Betta Fish can be created in small but not tiny aquariums. They need to have room to open their tails without leaning against the glass. The aquarium of the beta-fish needs a thermostat, but not always an oxygen filter. The water capacity should not be less than 3 liters being 5 liters or more to optimal. Do not forget to buy a tank with lid. In addition to several advantages such as reducing evaporation of water and protecting from poiera, Betas are jumping fish and usually jump out of the aquarium.

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