Body Shape Dream in Plastic Surgery

January 27, 2018

Plastic surgery for beauty better known as cosmetic plastic surgery. It is a plastic surgery that aims to achieve the desired appearance. Cosmetic plastic surgery can be done in several parts of the body. Angelababy Plastics Surgery.


With increasing age, the face will look older. To ‘lighten’ the aging process, it can be done drag operation face ( face lift ) that will fix the central part of the face / cheek hanging / down, grooves in between the nose and mouth, slack facial muscles the bottom, and slack skin and excess fat on the chin.

Surgery is performed by making an incision in the hairline along the inside or outside of the ear, can be up to behind the ears. Sometimes, it takes an additional incision and liposuction under the chin. After surgery, will appear swollen and bruised bluish approximately 2-4 weeks. Results will begin to appear 1-2 months. Incision increasingly blurred after 6-12 months.


In the eye, eyelid surgery can be carried on, under the eye, or both, that aims to make the eyes appear more refreshed. Eye surgery can help improve eye crease on or skin that covers the natural shape of the eyes on, remove excess skin eye on that sometimes interfere with vision, discard the excess fat on the upper eye, improving eye bags, as well as improve the excess skin and smooth wrinkles on the lower eye.

Surgery is performed by making an incision above the eye crease appropriate to remove the excess skin, muscle, and fat. At the bottom of the eye, an incision just below the lashes. Typically, bluish bruises disappear within 5-10 days. Swelling appeared 2-4 weeks. Surgical wounds appear more faint after 3-12 months.


Nose surgery usually aims to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose to make it look sharp, zoomed memorable nose width, and form end / nose smaller peaks. The surgical procedure performed with an incision hidden in the base of the nose and, or, in the nose. Sharp nose could use the implant silicon solid or cartilage.


Cosmetic plastic surgery of the breast can be done with a breast augmentation or breast down position fix ( Breast Lift ). Breast augmentation procedure is to use breast implants. Breast implants can also be used to improve the breast after breast surgery to remove the tumor.

The incision breast implant surgery can be performed under Breast creases, folds of the armpits, or the edge of the areola. Postoperative swelling usually subsides in 2-4 weeks.

Meanwhile, steps to improve breast positioning is performed by removing excess or sagging skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to form and support the shape of the new breast. Sometimes, areas of pigmented around the nipple that extends to the action has to be fixed. The shape of the incision depends on the excess skin and breast removal are required under examination before surgery.


Cosmetic action on the belly is a tummy tuck and make the stomach more flat. This action is known as pull the abdomen ( tummy tuck ). The procedure is to remove excess fat, skin, and in some cases required toning abdominal muscles.

In certain cases, excess skin is not so big and do mini tummy tuck assisted liposuction. Swelling of the abdominal area still appears 2-4 weeks or it could be more. A long scar the longer growing faint.

Liposuction is a plastic surgery aimed at forming a body to perform liposuction on a particular area of ​​the body that can not be removed by exercise.

This technique can be done in the area of ​​the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, hips, upper arms, back, chest, chin and neck. These operations use tools that work suck the fat on the desired area. Surgical incision in the area to be suctioned approximately 1 cm.

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