Benefits of Olive Oil

September 19, 2017

Benefits of olive oil is very much for beauty and health of your body. Olive oil or olive oil is an oil obtained from olives. This oil contains a lot of good nutrition for the body and can be classified as a healthy oil that does not contain bad fats. Usually oil contains saturated fats that are harmful to the body. But olive oil contains a weak unsaturated good for the body. Currently olive oil has also been utilized for various things. Such as cosmetic ingredients. Hair nurse, medicine and many more. This is the benefits of olive oil for beauty and body health.

Eliminate Pain

The first use of olive oil in our discussion this time is to relieve pain. In olive oil contains oleokantal. Oleokantal has the same function with ibuprofen which serves as a painkiller. So you can apply olive oil to burns, abrasions, inflammation or tear sores that cause pain. Simply apply a little on your wound.

Killing Head Lice

Eliminating hair lice is one of the functions of olive oil for hair. Hair problems that often occur is the presence of hair lice. Although already in the shampoo or using other drugs, usually ticks will still grow if the eggs do not participate in the basmi. To kill head lice head to root can use olive oil. You just simply apply olive oil to your hair evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse. Regular use can kill hair fleas.

Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the joint that causes swelling, pain and stiffness. Usually occurs on the hands and feet. For those of you who experience the disease, can overcome the pain by using olive oil. You can apply on the affected part or consume olive oil mixed on the food.

Treating ulcer disease

The next benefit of olive oil is treating ulcer disease. Ulcer disease attacks the stomach. Usually will make food so unpleasant and sore on the abdomen. If you have already treated an ulcer but have not recovered well, try to drink olive oil every day. This will help protect the stomach from feeling sore and reduce your stomach acid.

Overcoming Blockage of Blood Vessels

Nutritional content in olive oil, proved to be effective in reducing the incoming fat from food into our bodies. So the body will avoid blockage of blood vessels. Olive oil contains good unsaturated fats for the body. Consumption of olive oil on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of blockage and thickening of blood vessels.

Overcoming Uterine Cancer Risk

Uterine cancer is currently inevitable. To overcome the risk of cervical cancer, you can try the consumption of olive oil. The content contained in olive oil can help lower the risk and the effects of cancer on our body. Actually not only cancer of the uterus, but almost all types of cancer can be reduced by the consumption of olive oil. Even the decline could reach 26%.


Treat Joint Inflammation

The benefits of olive oil can be used to treat joint inflammation. Some studies say the content contained in olive oil can serve as an anti-inflammatory. You can apply olive oil to the inflamed joint or you can consume the olive oil mixed with your daily diet.

Ward off Free Radicals

Free radicals from vehicle fumes. Factory and sunshine can not be avoided. If the body is exposed to free radicals continuously can cause cancer. Therefore, to ward off free radicals you can consume olive oil on a regular basis. Inside olive oil contains a very high antioxidant. You can add olive oil to the foods you eat.

Make Intestines Healthier

In olive oil contains a compound called Oleuropein Aglycone. This compound serves to nourish your intestines, by keeping the blood supply to your intestinal organs. With the consumption of olive oil will help the intestines more healthy, avoided from intestinal damage, anemia and many other diseases.

Breastmilk substitutes

Breastmilk substitutes here are actually not replacing the whole. But the content in olive oil is similar to the content contained in breast milk. In olive oil contains the same single-chain fat is owned by breast milk. This fat is the best type of fat and is well consumed by the human body. So with the consumption of olive oil, you will get a nutrient that is almost the same as breast milk.

Prevent Aging

Benefits of olive oil for the face that we can immediately feel is the reduction of fine wrinkles on the face, remove black spots, smooth

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