8 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Porcelain Tile!

September 16, 2017

Did you know that porcelain tile is one of the most sought-after floors in the Show House? Not for less, right? Its variety of colors, styles, and finishes make your living room and the rest of the house have an impeccable touch. Check below some tips we have selected for you to choose your ideal porcelain tile!

1. Calculate your space

Porcelain tiles vary greatly in size. They can measure both 60 × 60 and 45 × 45, among others. To see the ideal for your space, calculate the area to be occupied. The end result will determine the ideal amount to use.

2. Prevent yourself!

Although the area has the right amount of porcelain to be purchased, it is always good to sin for excess rather than for lack. Buying 10% more is fundamental in the work, after all, there are many factors to consider, such as maintenance and accidents in the transportation of the product to your home.

3. Choose a good professional

The work is not done alone. Besides, it’s no use just to have a beautiful project and want to put it into practice as soon as possible. Choosing a good professional is essential so that each step is performed with high quality. And when it comes to stages, planning is also included! The best method to find a good professional is by indicating friends or family.

4. Time to choose the porcelain tile

The main part of the renovation came: choosing the floor that had left its beautiful surroundings like never before. Now, it’s up to you to decide what works best with your furniture, wall, and the environment in general. The satin porcelain, for example, has a more sticky texture. The enamel is probably easier to be cared for and maintained. The polished has a more intense brightness.

5. PEI rating

There is an international classification (PEI) that basically measures the degree of resistance of each floor. Before buying a porcelain tile, see if the PEI grade is good enough for the design you want to accomplish.

6. Have a good mortar in hand

It is very important that the porcelain tile is installed under the best conditions. To do this, check with your bricklayer for the best mortar indicated for the chosen floor, thus avoiding unnecessary repairs. This brings us to 7th tip, which deals with …

7. Grout

… so important grouting . It has the function of joining the pieces and protects them, thus avoiding rupture

8. Match the porcelain tile with the decor!

Porcelain tiles generally have neutral colors that are easy to combine. Check out what fits best with the furniture in your house and also with the walls. After all, it is not only the floor that will give charm to the environment, but the whole ensemble.

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