8 Friend of Advice to those Who will make the Capillary Transition

October 3, 2017

1. You need to devote much more time to take care of your hair

The beauty of having chemically treated wires is not spending much time care of it in the mirror. natural hair requires a few moments more of their attention so that it can be well hydrated and healthy.

2. Your hair dream will not appear from day to night

If you have spent years using chemical hair, your curls will not be pretty suddenly. It is normal for your cord are slightly dry, because the curly hair really have this characteristic.

3. YouTube will be your best friend

Not everyone has a hair to turn and take all doubts as Beyoncé, but his “glam squad” will be very close to you, on your computer screen. YouTube is full of tutorials and people willing to teach many tricks to make your natural hair even more beautiful.

4. Be open to learn which style will be best for you

It is very important to know that not every hairstyle will look good on you, just because your diva Instagram is using that style. Take into account that the best right now is to fight with your hair, not against it. The options are endless: Test all and choose the one that leaves you happier.

5. And be able to test all of these styles will take time

To make any hairstyle a lot of practice is required. So do not get frustrated if your crochet braid not get well first. This moment is full of hits and misses, relax!

6. You will begin to compare his curls with the other women, but do not!

Curls are so unique, that comparisons can be fatal to your self-esteem. No use trying to have the same hair of the girl you saw in Instagram. After all, each wire works one way and, of course, their are as beautiful as any other woman.

7. Moisturize your hair will be your priority

Since the clusters are much drier than straight hair, several moisturizing will be your best friends going forward. If you are not much to spend money on creams, a tip is to look for natural ingredients that are even better. The jojoba oil, coconut oil, glycerin, aloe vera and avocado are great tips.

8. For your curls stay wonderful, you will need to wash them at least every three days

Wash your hair is a great way to revitalize your curls and give them a wonderful texture. Then the best thing is to pass creams that help define curls and let them dry naturally.

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