5 Tips to Leave Smelling Environments

September 16, 2017

One great trick to increasing the sense of comfort and coziness of a home is to keep it smelling nice. To leave your home scented, there are several products that can eliminate the smell of mold, cigarette, food and any other odors common in homes. Follow the tips we’ve set out for you and learn how to make your environments much more fragrant!

Leave the house flavored with natural products

Natural products are often great allies of a flavored house. To take advantage of them, you can make combinations in a diffuser or spray solution to spray in the chosen environments. Here are some interesting recipes:

Spray: 200 ml of some favorite essence + 700 ml of cereal alcohol + 100 ml of mineral water. Mix everything in a spray bottle and let stand for three days. Apply daily in the rooms.

Diffuser: 1 cup of alcohol + 1 tablespoon of clove + 10 drops of essence of your choice. Mix everything in a glass jar and add 8 wooden sticks to spread the fragrance in the environment, continuously and smoothly.

Another practical solution is to put glasses with a cinnamon stick in every room of the house. In addition to spreading the pleasant odor of spice, this type of arrangement also complements the decor.

Keep tablets or sachets inside the furniture

Everyone knows the hint of keeping soaps in drawers for perfuming clothes and accessories, right? Well, you can apply this same strategy on the furniture and other compartments of the house to aromatize environments.

In this case, the idea is to produce tablets or small sachets because they are more discreet items and suitable to social environments. See how easy it is:

Pastilles: mix gypsum paste with cologne to form a firm dough. Then cut into small pieces and distribute in drawers and furniture doors.

Sachet: mix flowers, herbs, and spices of your choice to create the aroma. Tip: 100g of Florence iris + 100g of benzoin + 50g of clove + 50g of orange peel + 200g of aromatic calamus. Reduce all ingredients to powder and place in cotton sachets. Finish tying with colored satin ribbons.

Distribute scented candles in each environment

Beautiful and scented, the scented candles could not fail to appear on this list. The advantage is that you can find them in any decor store and in major markets with variations in color, shape, texture and fragrance. When using them, try to adjust the aroma with the type and necessity of each room :

Rooms: lavender, rosemary, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar;

Rooms: geranium, tangerine, lime, grapefruit ;

Cuisine: orange, mint, basil;

Bathroom: pine, cherry, eucalyptus, passion fruit.

Soak sponges in oils and essences

Those who like to scent the house with discretion can spread small pieces of sponge or cotton soaked in their favorite essence and distribute them around the house so that they are hidden. It may be behind the television and the pictures, under the sofa, among the furniture and other places you find strategic.

Use incense to finish wiping

To make the house cleaning even more efficient, finalize burning incense of your choice. If it is at the end of the day, the tip is to light an incense with soothing fragrance to relax and rest your body. For this, bet on the fragrances of lavender, myrrh, chamomile, fennel, citronella and lotus flower. Without a doubt, your scented home will bring much more satisfaction and well-being to you and your guests.

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