5 Books You Should Read Now

September 6, 2017

5 BooksThere are some good reads that you should consider. We are talking about the story books, instead of that textbook that you are asked to read in schools. The books we recommend based on emotion they evokes. The story also has great impact of your life since it reflects the society. Therefore, be sure to read these books before you die.

The first book that you should read is 2666. Created by Roberto Bolano, this 13-year-old book tells a story about various aspects of life. However, the most concerning theme throughout the book is death and violence. This book shows a dramatic view of the world from personal perspective which is enhanced with symbols. The story also tells about the reality of this world which does not seem to be real. You should expect a high frequency of crime involving women in the book. Beware that the book is not suitable if you are emotionally unstable because it will bring you to another world you may not have expected.

Another recommended book is entitled All about Love. This book is yet another good book to read because it explores why love is surrounding us. The role of love will be explained in a very dramatic and beautiful way. However, it is still within the understandable manner. Therefore, you can find the meaning of love which is often saturated and misinterpreted in the real world. Moreover, this book also explores why certain love lasts longer than others. Bell Hooks really can make an enjoyable and excellent plots that you should know.

The third book on our list is dessert solitaire. This book is classic, but its impact does applicable to our current society nowadays. Therefore, it is a book that you still can read now. If you are asking why, it is because of the theme it carries: the environment. The story is based on personal experience and perspective of Edward Abby as park ranger. Seeing the world before him exploited to spoil human desire, he tries to depict how sadistic the process was. Some stakeholders involved in this exploitation are described with their characters ranging from the government, culture, tourism, and politics.

The last book on our list is Disgrace. This book contains a great deal of information which is related to how our society behaves. It is a disgrace to be the character in the story as the book suggests from the beginning to end. It is because your character does not fit into the society, and that is where your suffering starts and never stops. The story set in modern culture of South Africa, but it reflects the classical problem about prejudice that stuck in society. Even though the book is purely based on personal perspective, it gives a clear, undoubted, and real message about prejudice in the society.

Those are all some books that you should read now. They are powerful books containing a great deal of experience, knowledge, advice, excitement, and entertainment at the same time. If you have read those books, it is assumed that your mind will be more open to suggestion and change. That is why those books are recommended to read.

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